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The convoy was a godsend to those who felt they did not have a voice. As someone who lived under the Draconian lockdown curfew of Quebec, my mother battled stage 4 cancer and as her sole caregiver could not be out past 8 PM in order to “stop the virus”. Funny but I don’t think the virus sleeps when we sleep… BJ and the convoy’s impact was pivotal for showing the world how the political class got a little too drunk on power. The convoy was a victory for freedom. The lockdowns and curfew ended in Québec. Although time was limited as my mom sadly passed May 2022, I want to thank BJ for ending the needless isolation, pain families suffered when the Convoy became the real opposition in Canadian politics. Thank you BJ for educating us but allowing me to be close to my mother in her final moments as I can take to my grave I was there in the final moments even after the political elites tried to separate me from her in the name of “stopping the spread”.

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